CEO Message

Message from President and CEO

It is our mission to deliver innovative new drugs from Japan to patients all over the world.

We are one of biotech venture companies that has its own drug discovery engine and takes on the challenge of innovative drug discovery.

Now that the probability of success of a new drug is said to be about 1/23,000, it is not easy to create new drug candidates and deliver them to patients. However, the compounds we have created in the past have already been launched on the market, and our high technological capabilities have been proven. Our pipeline is highly valuable “innovative new drugs” for diseases for which there are no therapeutic drugs or those that exert their effects by having a mechanism different from existing drugs.

We will carry out a social mission to provide new drugs with a high level of therapeutic satisfaction and strive to undertake transparent and reliable management aiming at further growth so that we will be a company needed by a society.
Your further understanding and support will be appreciated.

President and CEO Yuichi Hidaka