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Growth Strategies

DWTI’s two key measures to achieve growth

To realize our vision of bringing “Innovative New Drugs to the World from Japan,” DWTI is focusing on the field of ophthalmology and targeting further growth and enhanced enterprise value centered on two key measures.

Enhancement of our pipeline

New drug candidate compounds under development by biotech venture companies and pharmaceutical companies are called “pipeline”.
Pipeline is the very lifeblood of biotech venture companies.
Having a balanced pipeline diversifies the risks of failure and has a significant impact on future profitability and enterprise value.
We are working to expand our pipeline, selecting disease types to target for drug development in light of the rarity of the disease and the potential marketability of the drug.

Stepping up drug discovery activities through collaboration

We are conducting drug discovery research with several companies and universities. While our strengths lie in in-house drug discovery, we are working to accelerate the expansion of drugs in the pipeline by leveraging our expertise to promote collaboration with outside partners.

Status of our pipeline

Click here to learn about the status of our pipeline.

Expansion of business domain

DWTI earns revenue by providing what are called drug “seeds” to pharmaceutical companies. The amount of revenue we can generate varies widely depending on whether we grow these drug seeds into small “buds” and provide them to pharmaceutical companies, or whether we develop them up to the stage where they bear fruit. Until now, we have provided pharmaceutical and other biotech companies with compounds in the form of drug seeds. Going forward, we aim to generate even greater revenue by cultivating the seeds further up the development stage before providing them. This is the goal of our efforts to expand the scope of our business. We conducted our first in-house clinical trial in the U.S. in 2018. We will continue to enhance our development resources and engage in multiple clinical development efforts.

Strengthening clinical development through collaboration

Japan Innovative Therapeutics,Inc (JIT; a joint venture with Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) is a consolidated subsidiary of DWTI. JIT possesses a wealth of clinical development expertise, with which it excels in taking the fruits of our development efforts and further multiplying and extending their impact and reach. It was through JIT that we were able to enter the clinical development business. As a group, we will continue to make steady advances in development.

Business model