In April 2020, we began joint development of a lidocaine patch, which was being developed by MEDRx Co., Ltd. as a treatment for neuropathic pain after shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia).
This product is a new lidocaine patch that draws on MEDRx’s proprietary ILTS® (Ionic Liquid Transdermal System) technology using ionic liquids. It is being developed targeting the market for the lidocaine patch Lidoderm®.

Although DWTI’s chief focus is on the field of ophthalmology, we have decided to partake in this joint development with the aim of expanding our pipeline and fortifying a stable, medium- to long-term earnings base. We will continue to promote collaboration with other companies through such efforts.

in U.S.
Clinical indication Neuropathic pain
Development process Filed NDA application (U.S.)
Collaborative development company MEDRx Co., Ltd.

Development Progress

  • 2020.08
    Filed NDA application (U.S.)
  • 2020.04
    Conducted collaborative development agreement with MEDRx.