Point 4

Growth trajectory

Building a solid earnings base

In the drug discovery business, development requires many years and substantial investment. So, in addition to product sales, the progress of our pipeline—the source of future earnings—is an important factor for growth.
DWTI is making steady progress in the development of its pipeline drugs.


  • Conducted the company’s first clinical trial.
  • DW-1002: Phase 3 clinical trials (Japan) completed.
  • DW-1001 and DW-1002(Japan) licensed out respectively.
  • Ripasudil hydrochloride hydrate[GLANATEC® ophthalmic solution 0.4%] (Korea) and DW-1002(U.S.) approved of new drug application respectively.
  • K-321(Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy) : Phase 2 clinical trials (U.S.) started.
  • DW-1002 launched in U.S..
  • Ripasudil hydrochloride hydrate[GLANATEC® ophthalmic solution 0.4%] (3 countries in Asia) approved of new drug application.
  • DW-1002 launched in Canada.
  • K-232(Ripasudil hydrochloride hydrate and Brimonidine tartrate fixed combination eye drop) application filed in Japan.
  • DW-1001 started phase I clinical trials in Japan.
  • DWR-2206 (Regenerative medicine cell-product) signed a joint development agreement with ActualEyes Inc..
  • K-321 (Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy) started phase III clinical trials in U.S..
  • Ripasudil hydrochloride hydrate (GLA-ALPHA® combination ophthalmic solution) launched in Japan.
  • “GLA-ALPHA® combination ophthalmic solution” launched in Japan.
  • H-1337(Glaucoma and ocular hypertension) started phase IIb clinical trials in U.S..

A number of products of pipeline

Countries / Areas where products on the market are sold