Issues to be addressed

DWTI group (the “Group”)  recognizes that the following issues need to be addressed.

Enhancement of pipeline

The probability of success in new drug development is declining year by year, and there is a risk that the pipeline the Group own will be delayed, interrupted, or discontinued for various reasons. The Group believes that it is necessary to expand the pipeline to deal with this risk. In addition to further promoting the discovery of new drug candidate compounds through basic research, the Group will actively promote in-licensing from universities and companies in order to have multiple pipelines composed of various development stages.

Expansion of business domain

The Group is aiming for a relatively early out-licensing based on its own financial situation. However, the Group considers that it is important to improve profitability at the time of out-licensing, the Group is conducting in-house development after non-clinical trials. The Group will continue to work to expand this business domain and strive to enhance enterprise value.

Development support for out-licensed pipelines

In order to build a stable management base, The Group will support the promotion of smooth clinical trials for development pipelines that have already been licensed out to outside companies and early launching the product.
Currently, most of the development pipelines owned by the Group have partners, but in the process of expanding the development pipeline, the Group will strategically promote new collaboration with outside companies or universities.

Application of core technology

The Group has ability to create new drug candidates. In order to maximize the Group’s strengths, the Group are focusing on the creation of protein kinase inhibitors, which are the Group’s unique basic technology, and the Group are actively promoting alliances with other companies while making use of that technology. In addition, in order to maximize the potential of new drug candidates, the Group will continue to study expanding indications in areas where protein kinase inhibitors are applied.

Enhancement of financial base

The Group aims to create a profit structure with high added value, and plan to proceed and expand its development pipeline. To this end, the Group will enhance the Group’s financial base by raising funds from the financial and capital markets as necessary.